All Estrela instructors are franchisees. This means that they are not employed by Estrela but are self-employed. They work for themselves but not by themselves. They have full support and backup to keep them up-to-date with all training techniques.

Compared to independent instructors, who often work in isolation with very little or no support, Estrela instructors are part of a team with a strong support network to offer guidance, advice and training.

They have been carefully selected and appointed as franchisees in their home areas. They conduct themselves in a professional manner, are trustworthy and have integrity. All adhere to the DVSA Code of Conduct. In addition, they are regularly CRB checked, and they are also subject to periodic DVSA ‘Continuing Fitness to Instruct‘ tests [Standards Checks].

All Estrela instructors are highly graded and will receive CPD [Continuous Professional Development] training to help them achieve a Grade A on their next Standards Check.

They are also helpful, keen, enthusiastic and prepared to go the extra mile to help pupils. They take great pride in their work and have a very high level of professional and personal integrity.

All Estrela instructors will create a learning environment that is supportive and harmonious. Every topic will be clearly explained and, when necessary or appropriate, the skills and techniques will be demonstrated. Coaching will be used to consolidate further and develop newly acquired skills. Progress will be clearly monitored and discussed, with appropriate feedback and advice given.



Aneta is based in London SW19 and covers the surrounding areas.

She is a very popular and successful and her pupils warm to her immediately.

Aneta uses the very latest coaching techniques and all lessons are carefully planned to take into account the pupils abilities, aspirations and goals.

Aneta coaches manual.


Bela at Estrela is an ideal match. With her Portuguese background she’s a perfect fit for the team at Estrela [which means Star in Portuguese], and will happily conduct her lessons in either Portuguese, Spanish or English: she’s fluent in all three languages.

Covering London NW9 and surrounding areas, Bela uses the test centres at Hendon and Mill Hill and knows the surrounding areas extremely well. She is someone who’s easy to warm to and you instantly feel at home in her presence. It’s easy to see why her pupils think so highly of her.

Here’s a recent quote about Bela’s coaching: “…Thanks a million for all that you have done to make this pass happen… You are a Star!” Denise 


Rob is one of those people who, when you meet them for the first time, you feel as if you’ve known them for years. His relaxed and easy-going manner will put you at ease straight away. He has been teaching on automatics for over 25 years now, and what he doesn’t know about automatics isn’t worth knowing.

He’s one of the best auto instructors in south London and is conscientious and enthusiastic.
With a pass rate that is much higher than the national average, and a first time pass rate that is almost twice the national average, he is a far from average instructor.



Teaching Manual instruction, in and around Belper DE56

Phil is a former Police officer and is very reliable and thorough in his teaching and coaching.



Teaching Manual instruction, in and around London NW9

Bela is a superb instructor, communicator and mentor, and a genuinely nice person as well.



Teaching Automatic instruction, in and around London SW20

Rob is one of the best auto instructors in London. Cool, calm, and approachable, he’s the ideal guide to inspire you.



Teaching Manual instruction, in and around London SW19 and surrounds

Aneta will help you achieve success.